Time to rock the bloat

October 26, 2007

Vista busy cursor There is hope for Microsoft. Well a bit, anyway.

This from a recent article in NetworkWorld:

“The core code for Microsoft’s Windows OS is undergoing a rewrite to make it slimmer for use in a wide range of future products, including Windows 7, the OS that will succeed Vista.

The internal project, code-named “MinWin,” is not being readied for a product just yet but will be part of Windows 7, said Eric Traut, a distinguished engineer, during a recent presentation at the University of Illinois. A video of his talk has been posted online”.

So it has finally hit home that they have allowed bloat from one incarnation of Windows to another to get totally out of hand. It has a lot to do with backwards compatibility, but they have in the past either overdone the latter or been lazy in the way they’ve bolted on new features, or more likely both.

This sounds like the right move, but to do the job properly they would need to strip the code down to the essentials and rebuild it from the ground up. This sounds more like an attempt to streamline a kernel which was maybe not the root of the problem, to compensate for bloat in other areas.

If so it will not solve the problem, just delay the inevitable.

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  2. Interesting that they had to get a die hard Mac guy to write the next generation of Windows.

  3. […] that Microsoft would ever consider doing this. Nor will they truly give up on the Windows NT core. MinWin looks promising; however do they have enough time? With the release of Microsoft Vista turning into […]

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